Komilla Sutton: Vedic Astrology. Planets Debilitated (SUN, VENUS) by Transit 2/2: Komilla Sutton Vedic Astrology – Duration: 10 minutes. views; 3. Komilla Sutton, Brentwood, California. K likes. , The Essentials of Vedic Astrology [Komilla Sutton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vedic astrology arises out of ancient cosmology and is.

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So I have that combination. Because we tend to blame whoever is closest to us for all our own ills.

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Whatever age people say – three thousand, five thousand, whatever years – it is an unbroken tradition, where there is that knowledge and there are ways to do it. I am someone who has worn them all – and now I have taken dutton all off! We also look kpmilla the planetary periods of life the dasha system and these planetary periods suggest when exactly these issues will actually happen.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Mercury is the most malefic planet for Scorpio ascendants and it can create problems for Manju.

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Because it doesn’t become any easier. It’s not intuitive, it’s from the planets and where they are placed. Then Saturn will conjunct Mars on the exact degree of her Mars her ascendant rule on 2nd April I suppose this is the more popular face of astrology. I went to an astrologer in and I was just amazed at the information available to the Jyotishi from my birth chart.

I don’t really go to a church, I don’t have a temple, I believe everything is everywhere; everything is sacred. So you can do a Vedic astrology chart with the timings, and dates and what is happening, where you are going.


Skyscript: Interview with Komilla Sutton recorded by Garry Phillipson

The thing about astrology that is very different here, in India an astrologer works to his personal rules. It doesn’t matter what signs it goes through, just that it goes through komlila signs in a year, which means it will not retrograde in the middle sign. Firstly I will try to explain to my clients that suton are going through a difficult time, so it may not be a good idea to change careers, homes, etc. Who do you admire in the world of astrology? Almost the moment I start looking at the chart, I start looking at issues.

Now in India people are quite komklla to have the combination of great spirituality and great materialism living side by side. And have a regulated life.

My family lived in England – my brother and parents. You see, Jupiter sidereally has been in Capricorn, now it’s in Aquarius, and will go into Pisces in May – it’s considered, whenever this happens, that there will be a lot of issues about water. Because one of the most important things is looking after the emotional state of your client. I wonder if we went to a Hindu astrologer, and asked them exactly what it was – maybe we’d get a different interpretation of it, you know?

Planets positioned in Sandhi areas- the junction points of the praryaya, this is suttoon exact location where the solar and lunar Zodiac meet Pisces- Aries. But when I look back at ’79 and the Jupiter cycle – I am ruled by Jupiter myself, and the Jupiter cycles have had major meaning in my life for change.

So many Indian astrologers who don’t have computers – the moment they look at the chart and the degree, they know what division it is! Choosing the correct day to begin new projects, marriage, new beginnings etc means you are using the astrological energies to enhance the quality of your life.


Because obviously, you then know astrology – it’s just a different koimlla of principles for looking at the same chart.

But by accepting and understanding the depth of your chart, working within it’s guideline, you are in fact able to open your mind to it’s immense capabilities. Looking at celebrities – when I was looking at Diana’s chart, I never really looked at death for her, whereas now I feel that it was there, staring me in the face, and I should have komipla at it.

This is all very interesting to me, so excuse me harping on this theme. I must point out this is not a regular occurrence.

I disagree with that, personally. Knowing that she was going through a difficult time gave Komiloa strength as she could see that there was a reason for her difficulties. But it is not really my field of expertise. But the problem is that people start thinking that that komilla reality – so that causes a great deal of problems, because you start believing that life itself is the reality – we forget that we are born to experience life and then move on.

As well as realising that if there is something negative in the future, there is always a positive issue. If you go to an astrologer in India, they will immediately konilla you that you are going to die at say 64 – 68, because death is part of your life; it’s a major event.