· · · · · · · · · The Hantarex Polo. (25″ model displayed). Resources: Manual: http://arcarc. % I won a golden tee golf machine off ebay for spares or repairs. The fault was no display so i guest.

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With the parts removed now hatarex a good time to inspect the PCB for cracks. Also there is supposed to be a 25″ medium resolution K Edited by tb – 19 Jan at I will include new intel when I get it. Directly next to the smaller transistor is the width coil; under no circumstance should you ever adjust this, as the width control is fully electronic.

I am going to out it up for sale hantrex want to make sure that I can confirm what I am selling. K, K and 25″ K chassis.

The chassis I used for this demonstration actually had the clips bent sideways, so it was tricky to get out. If not, get you mutlimeter, set it to volts DC range and put you red probe in the yoke plug, the black probe on the lopt heatshield. Finished the recap and everything works as expected, no more hantarfx size change when stuff happens in games Also pictured is a PSU I also recapped. Daewoo RS series C 47uf 25v originally fitted: Find all posts by mecha.


The 2 green connectors are for the deflection coil.

The cage should come right off then. I took the monitor out and powered it up on the bench.

Samsung GH series C18 47uf 25v originally fitted: You might try to measure on the bottom pcb solderings. If not, the problem is probably in the monitor.

The power supply section: The Polo 2’s are harder to find then a Polo.

I then looked at poko board and found two resistors burnt R and R Daewoo RU series C 47uf v originally fitted: Even if you discharge it, it might build up voltage again after a couple of hours, hantsrex it’s a good practice to discharge once more just before you reconnect the anode cap.

I have a Polo 25″ but I thought I remember someone telling me it was only standard resolution. C is in fact C The Polo has a unique connector for the deflection yoke.


Daewoo RS series C 10uf v originally fitted: So i adjust to bring it back. One is for non inverted video no mirror the other is for inverted video using a mirror Ed West. Usually you find on Polo 2 chassis that if the lopt goes, the HOT horizontal output transistor blows, and some components on the auto switching pcb that sits vertically inside the psu case.


This cage needs to be removed if ever you go to repair this chassis, these are the steps for removing it: Now all that is left is to make an extension for the Hantareex Board.

HANTAREX POLO 25 – UK-VAC : UK Video Arcade Collectors Forum – Page 1

Chemicon SME series C 22uf 50v originally fitted: I presumed you’ve checked the fuse? It’s basically a current transformator, so it should have relatively hatnarex wires on the side that you say is broken.

Daewoo RSS series Hntarex 10uf 63v originally fitted: I checked the fuse, which was ok. Still not sure which model as the part number is not clear. To the right of the neck socket in the picture are three transistors: Daewoo RSS series C uf 35v originally fitted: