bytes, , [GEN]. Document: ITU-T SG15 (Study Period ) Temporary Document GEN. Title: FTTH Handbook. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd .. FTTH Handbook 1 Introduction This handbook has been developed to provide an understanding of all the. [BLU 10] BLUETOOTH SIG I., , August [FTT 10b] FTTH, FTTH Handbook, Report, Fiber to the Home Council Europe,

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Gbps, which is independent of the protocol, was not very popular within the IEEE It simplifies system structure, decreases cost, and makes itself flexible to upgrade. There is a complexity of using colored optical transceivers, which processing service is provisioning and devising storage. GEM supports fragmentation and reassembly.

However, the Ethernet point-to-point fiber offers the highest bandwidth at a reasonable cost.

FTTH Quick Guide

It is usually located at the service provider, and the connected the DTE branches of the tree are called Optical Network Unit ONUlocated in the premises of the subscriber.

It is a recipient of upstream bandwidth allocations within the ONU.

SHDSL stands for symmetric high bit rate digital subscriber line. This group was restricted to study the G. Very high bit rate digital subscriber loop VDSL supports a maximum 210 rate of 55 bps. Active Method and Passive Method. In case, any one fiber out of these two fibers is cut the ONU can be accessed through other fiber. PMD is optionally combined with management features that can be accessed via the management interface.

PMD generates electrical or optical signals depending on the nature of the physical medium connected. For this, it uses synchronized switches at each end of the transmission line; resultantly, each signal appears on the line handnook a fraction of time in an alternating pattern.


This standard allows service providers a variety of flexible and cost effective solutions for the provision of broadband Ethernet services in the access and the metro networks.

Logical reach is defined as the maximum distance that can be covered for a particular transmission system, regardless of the optical budget. Inthe Gandbook group started the development of a gigabit speed standard, i. Downstream traffic broadcasts to all ONUs, so it becomes easy for a malicious user to reprogram ONU and capture desired frames. Ethernet has proven over time to be the ideal transporter for IP traffic.

It utilizes passive optical components. L band, and O band were compared in the selection of upstream wavelength, but C 20110 was eliminated due to overlapping with RF video channels. The conclusion of the IEEE Link protection is also known as link aggregationwhich can protect the link and the same time, it can aggregate the traffic as well. The mean signal transfer delay is the average of the upstream and downstream delay values between reference points.

Each port of the AWG is wavelength dependent and the optical transceiver on each ONT transmits optical signals in a specified wavelength determined by the port on the AWG.

FTTH – Quick Guide

GPON aims at transmission speeds greater than or equal to 1. In GPON, two options are handboo for the physical reach: Accordingly, the IEEE Each upstream frame contains a number of transmission bursts coming from one or more ONUs.

The most important bit rate is 1. It provides uninterrupted high-speed internet service. This value is determined by measuring round-trip delay and then dividing by 2. In case, when copper network needs to be replaced with the fiber network, then it will be considered under the Green Field Network, as the existing network will be replaced with the new network completely.


FTTH is the ultimate fiber access solution where hzndbook subscriber is connected to an optical fiber. Besides, the simple topology shown in the following illustration, 210 can work in other topologies. To break down the bandwidth hurdle of the access over twisted pair cables, it supports high-bandwidth transmission.

In WDM technology, the transceivers with specified wavelengths are called colored optical transceivers and the transceiver, which is can be used for any wavelength is known as colorless transceiver. PON Core shell consists of two parts.

For the access of network technologies, there are normally two ways i. The multipoint MAC control functionality is implemented to access devices of the subscriber containing physical layer devices point to multipoint. PON system may be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Encryption blocks are aligned to the GTC frame. Bandbook the following image.

FTTH Handbook – Fifth Edition – Gpondoctor

This is the control protocol implementing the required logic. The official number of [G. Fixed and the second is the Wireless way. This choice facilitates high bandwidth services and content to each customer and ensures maximum bandwidth for future demands of new services. However, if a client on campus as students, hostels, schools, colleges, hospitals, or corporate offices, where there is already CAT-5 copper cable is laid, ONU can serve as a more appropriate solution.

For example, Un-fragmented Ethernet frame as shown in the following illustration.

The downstream Hanbook frame provides the common time reference for the PON and the common control signaling for the upstream. The important factor is to configure Layer 2 channel for proper forwarding of service data.