Honey Bee FP2 ( and ) must not be confused with the newer Honey Bee 2 (often referred to as Honey Bee FP V2) and Honey . Discussion REQ: Esky Honey Bee King II Manual Micro Helis. am just getting ready to fly a fixed pitch heli (Honeybee FP) that’s my plan for.

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Email required Address never made public.

Anyway, thank you for this site I will be visiting it often and let you know how I make out. Thats the most common learning strategy there is for human beings. Sorry for not being as clear to you as I wished to be. As you learn to master your Bee you will also master stuff like proportional and gain. At 64 my learning curve has slowed WWWWaaaaaayyyyyy down.

The first thing that pops into my mind is: Excellent training support on this site – could be dangerous without correct care – enjoy. Hi Les Thanks for your great comment! The Bee can handle a little wind but not much. LOL Thanks again, Les. Go there and register and post the same question. I just dont want to unnecessarily crash it doing something stupid like fly in 15 mph wind.


Remember Me Forgot Password? Hovering in rotor wash is good to train reflexes. Thanks for leaving a message and good luck with finding a solution so you can fly again soon.

It can also be the when you leave the ground you will see that the proportional needs to be set again and the gyro needs some attention too.

REQ: Esky Honey Bee King II Manual – RC Groups

Email required Address never made public. Take it slow and practice as much as you can. Apr 09, It took me 60 days before I esyk hover tail in for 1 LiPo. You will like it as it is quite simple to use and very versitile. Do you have an url which leads to such big coax machines?

Also check if channel to is the heli mode with Ccpm mixing. Do you have goney

The Honey Bee V2 comes ready to fly straight out the box. View Basket Make Enquiry.

ESky Honey Bee V2 2.4G

This makes it even more easier to discover the rc helicopter world. And hovering a little higher makes life easier. Also get some extra LiPo batteries. And thanks for all of your videos!

The stock charger has a steady low current output. I myself hope to be upgrade to a CP in !


BTW a very nice setup! And when you look at the product number you see it is exactly the same as the MAh.

Sign up now to remove ads between posts. This motor are brushed and cheap and the low price is not paying for triple A quality control.

ATM I am a honney puzzled with your problem and I am almost sure the with the help of some hondy people we can solve this much easier. If the Honeybee had weights, rather than paddles, what would it change?

Learning to fly a helicopter takes time. Newsletter Sign-Up Sign up below for regular newsletters on our promotions, events and offers. As usual with my time in this hobby just as I start to get somewhere a new problem appears. Maybe you were just very unlucky.

Thank you for your link. Below 3ft your heli will encounter tremendous wake aka rotor wash. When you start to hover and you notice that noney is time to play with proportional again you know what to do.