when creat- ing Council of Wyrms characters. If the ability scores rolled using the D M s approved method fall within the requirements of a given race, then the. Council of Wyrms was different than the many other D&D settings of because it was done-in-one: the entire setting was covered in one. AD&D 2nd Edition – Council of Wyrms – Book 1 – Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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This attack deals 4d6 fire damage and increases by 1d6 per character level beyond 1st. Any class that affords a dragon fighting styles does not allow them access to the standard array of styles Great Weapon Fighting, etc. As with governments elsewhere, clan politics and motivations are just counicl that simple. In the thousands of years the Council and dragonkind has been in control of the isles, its vassal races have seen little development beyond the confines of their late medieval and early Renaissance level societies.

Ha, I remember having this box set but never playing it. Clashes between vassal troops and marauding fey are common.

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The victim may attempt another saving throw at the end of their turn, with success resulting in breaking free of the net. Regardless of whether or not you hit, melee attacks made against you have advantage until the end of your next turn. You gain blindslight out to 20 feet, and your darkvision range increases to feet.

Like most of his breed, Firebrand desires power above all else, but goes about it in a different manner than other, less-careful red dragons. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Giants raid the shores of clan strongholds, monsters breed and haunt the wilderness, and the shadow of the dragon slayers waits beyond the horizon.

Although dragons lack prowess with wielded weapons, they excel as fighters and can belong to any archetype. Once you have done so three times, you may not do so again until you complete a long rest.


A dragon wearing claw gauntlets cannot cast spells that require somatic components, and is at disadvantage on Dexterity checks that involve use of their front claws. This has to be one of the best campain settings out there.

Council of Wyrms – 1d4chan

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If a dragon loses any amount from its bonded hoard, it begins to weaken and may eventually die, if the hoard is not replaced or recovered. This expansion is an excellent addition to any DMs gaming arsenal.

Dragons of adult status truly come into their own, gaining status and power as befits the mightiest creatures in the world. Orphaned wyrmlings also fall under the purview of these tenders, who despite the assurances of the dragon lords of the Council, are not always incorruptible. Those caught in the area of effect must succeed a Constitution saving throw or have their speed halved, and be unable to make more than one attack per turn.

Council of Wyrms

You do not gain this bonus if you willingly put your protectorate at risk, such as using a village as bait for a raid or placing your prized heirloom in the midst of a battlefield to draw attention. While the white dragons are restrained enough to avoid dining on their own servants, they do not treat them fairly or with more than a token amount of appreciation.

As such, the island interiors rarely see any rain whatsoever, which suits the dragons just fine. You can speak, read, and write the Draconic language. Half-dragons that belong to one of the gem dragon breeds use the following table. The alignment of the kindredbond is always the same as its dragon, and the level of the kindredbond is always three less than the level of the dragon to which it is bonded.


The arid deserts and rocky badlands of the islands are the domain of the blue dragons. If you are directly involved in any effort that has the express goal of uncovering a lost location or unearths some great secret, you operate under the effects of the bless spell until the task is complete. These half-dragons are not like the dragonborn of other campaign settings; they are usually sterile, often alien-looking or monstrous, and rarely find comfort in any but the most accepting clan territories.

As such, most campaigns for the Council of Wyrms game take place on a larger, more stretched-out time scale. For that reason, most dragons return to their lairs after gaining a level or a large sum of treasure, resting and bonding with their hoard once more. The dragon slayer champion regains spent legendary actions at the start of its turn.

Flying creatures have a harder time negotiating the skies when subject to inclement weather, but larger creatures can tolerate higher wind speeds. Naturally, logic and reason dictate if a dragon can remain hidden with a Dexterity Stealth check.

Capricious creatures, crystal dragons are seen as flighty and untrustworthy. Since most dragon cohncil characters begin at wyrmling age and often not long after they are hatchedit might not make sense to give them a broad back history.

Showing of 6 reviews. With the coming of dawn, the temperature rises sharply on the humid and volcanic Giantbane Archipelago.

Each dragon that lairs at the Aerie has an attache of vassals that attend its needs and run minor errands on behalf of their master. An adventure book map. Only together could they stand against the tide of fecund creatures that, though puny, nevertheless slaughtered the isolated clans.