jDLMS is a Java implementation of the DLMS/COSEM protocol. It can be used to develop individual DLMS/COSEM client/master and. based communication while DLMS is a binary protocol. This document provides overview of COSEM modeling of metering devices, addressing and DLMS. The open smart grid platform supports DLMS/COSEM (IEC ]. DLMS/ COSEM is a popular protocol to read smart meters. DLMS/COSEM is the de facto .

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The dedicated key is then used instead of the global encryption key for the remaining communication of this connection.

HLS 2 A manufacturer cosfm algorithm is used that is not standardized. The following authentication mechanisms also called security levels exist:. After signing on, the hand held unit generally reads a meter description.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The second way to address an attribute or method is by means of the so called short address. Executing the script without any parameters will print help information to the screen.

The hand held unit must return an encrypted password. Short Name Cosen The second way to address an attribute or method is by means of the so called short address. C Defines the abstract of physical data items, related to the information source e. For license information check the license directory in the distribution.


After the connection to a logical device has been established, a client can send service requests to the server. Many meters offer an optical interface at the front of the meter. The client sends the password to the server for authentication. The dedicated key is a temporary key that is usually generated ad-hoc at connection protkcol. Defines the storage of the data, identified by A to E e.

The protocol is usually half-duplex. A logical name is actually an OBIS code.

Occasionally a manufacturer will invent cosen new quantity to measure, and in this case, a new or different data type will appear in the meter definition. Authentication Mechanism The authentication mechanism is the mechanism by which client and server authenticate each other during connection build up.

The client ID also called client SAP or client wPort defines the access level with which the client connects to the logical device. The attributes coem methods constitute an object. For futher information, see the gradle plugin project page https: The cryptographic algorith used for authentication depends on the HLS level:. The dependencies folder in the distribution contains more detailed license and copyright information about these dependencies.

Master key The master key is used for wrapping global keys. Next the meter informs the hand held unit about the various parameters that are available with it in various security settings viz.

It is one part of the identification of the object. License Agreement You must accept the license to download this software. E The value group E defines further processing or classification of quantities identified by value groups A to D e. The physical media are usually either modulated light, sent with an LED and received with a photodiodeor a pair of wires, usually modulated by a 20mA current loop.


DLMS / COSEM | Open Smart Grid Platform Documentation

The master key is used for wrapping global keys. These are identified using attribute ID and method ID respectively.

During sign-on, the handheld unit addresses a particular meter by number. It has the the ID cosrm. Thus if you changed code and want to rebuild a library you can do it easily with Gradle. Just follow the instructions on our FAQ site. By now new security mechanisms have been defined. In this case both client and server are authenticated.

These modes are usually protected by anti-tampering features such as switches that sense if the meter enclosure has been opened. It can either be left empty over RS or not RS An object related to no medium e. The hand held unit then sends a sign-off message.

Terminology Client ID Synonyms: The channel number allows to differentiate between different inputs e. One can communicate over this interface using optical probes that convert the signal to RS and back again.