Co-processed excipients have been developed to handle changes in the physical properties of particles at sub-particle levels. By co-processing two excipients. A co-processed excipient is any combination of 2 or more excipients obtained by physical co-processing that does not lead to the formation of. co-processed excipients ppt. 1. 1; 2. CO-PROCESSED Presented by- Under the guidance ofMr. Bhaskar N. Bangar Dr. N. H. Aloorkar.

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Various ratios of the co-processing excipients were formulated by granulation technique and the blend properties were evaluated by their Hausner’s ratio and Carr’s index values. Both excipients should be excipienst such a proportion that the formed blend shows good binding properties and good flow properties.

Also grateful to Shimoga chemicals, Sangli providing free exdipients sample of drug Terbutaline sulphate. The direct compression technique involves the compression of a dry blend of powders that comprises drugs and various excipients.

They are highly safe, stable, biocompatible, cheap, easily available, chemically inert, nontoxic and biodegradable in nature [ 7 ].

A modified method was used to determine the disintegration time and dissolution profile of the tablets simulating the conditions similar to mouth cavity or oral cavity absorption. Table 3 Data for Kawakita plots of co-processed excipient granules. Preparation of mouth dissolving tablet As given in Table 5, Terbutaline sulphate and coprocessed superdisintegrant were individually weighed and mixed thoroughly for about 5 min.

Results and Discussion Terbutaline sulphate is most commonly used drug in the treatment of asthma. The drug-excipients interaction study was carried out using method descried in Cartensen and analysis done using FTIR spectrophotometer [ 13 ]. Table 1 Composition of atorvastatin calcium tablets.

Co-processed Excipients

J Pharm Pharm Sci. These coprocessed excipients interact at sub particle level. Acetone was added to precipitate the mucilage. In the present study, we successfully developed directly compressed tablets with sufficient rxcipients although exhibiting rapid disintegration. Keywords Mouth dissolving tablet; Terbutaline sulphate; Coprocessed excipient; Ocimum bascilium ; Superdisintegrant Introduction Oral solid dosage forms are most commonly preferred dosage form due to its ease of manufacturing, user friendly nature and capital interest also.


Pharmaceutical Development and Technology Hence, coproccessed study involves both advantages of wet granulation and direct compression as atorvastatin calcium is very slightly soluble in water. Then small fraction of mixture was compressed coptocessed Automatic IR Press at pressure 10 tones to form transparent pellet.

Mucilage exhibited disintegration within 8 sec at the concentration of 1 gm: The weight variation with all of the formulations was very insignificant, that is, all tablets fulfilled the requirements of Indian Pharmacopoeia for weight variation [ 15 ].

The developed excipient showed improvement in parent excipient functionalities and proving coprocessed mucilage of Ocimum bascilium to be an excellent novel super disintegrant in mouth dissolving formulation and thus it can be exploited commercially.

Evaluations The different evaluation parameters of tablet like weight variation, hardness, friability, disintegration time, drug content, drug release etc. Drug release was carried out in 25 ml of phosphate buffer pH 6.

The mouth dissolving tablets should disintegrate in less than 30 seconds in a small liquid volume and coprocsesed have sufficient strength in order to be handled during packaging and transportation [ 4 ].

The co-processed excipients were prepared by granulation technique. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences The coprocessed SSG shows disintegration time upto 11 sec.

Natural material Ocimum bascilium due to its high swelling capacity disintegrate the tablet very fast. Formulated mouth dissolving tablets were characterised for physicochemical parameters like hardness, friability, weight variation, disintegration time, drug content excipkents in vitro drug release behaviour. These damp mass were passed through 12 and the obtained granules were dried. It was placed for 24 hrs. A beaker was filled with 10 ml of water. The granules of the formulations with pure acacia F 1 and pure CaCO 3 Exciipients 2 showed passable flow properties.


Diversity of their applications such as diluents, excipents, disintegrants in tablet make them as alternative to synthetic excipients. Blend containing the drug along with the excipients was weighed and it was kept in an open cylinder which was placed on graph sheet.

Formulation and Evaluation of Coprocessed Excipient for Mouth Dissolving Formulation

As both brittle and plastic excipients were used, problems such as capping, lamination, sensitivity to moisture and other compaction problems can be excipiente. SSG was coprocessed by solvent evaporation method. Study of load capacity excippients avicel PH and cellactose, two direct-compression excipients, using experimental design.

Support Center Support Center. Preparation of mouth dissolving tablet The selected concentration of coprocessed mucilage doprocessed used in the preparation of mouth dissolving tablet. The tablet was put in the beaker and the time for the tablet to completely disintegrate into fine particles was noted.

Methods Isolation of mucilage from Ocimum bascilium: First of all, the excipient should have good flow properties to achieve an acceptable tableting process and second one is to produce ODTs with fast disintegrating property. Sufficient quantity of water was added in the cylinder and shaken vigoursly. The results are depicted in Table 6. The friability test was performed using Roche friabilator.

Both excipients have very poor flow properties. Different ratios along with its disintegration time have been depicted in Tables 3 and 4 respectively. Co processing is a novel concept of processing two or more established excipients by some appropriate means to provide a synergy of functionality improvements as well as masking the undesirable properties of individual excipients.