Upper Cambourne, Phase 1: Development Briefing Document a spatial masterplan for Upper Cambourne that accords with the aims of the original masterplan. The original masterplan for Cambourne, approved in , set out a vision of 3 interlinked villages – each planned around village greens and connected by a. Upper Cambourne Design and Access Statement. 3: THE STRA. TEGIC MA. STERPLAN. The Strategic Masterplan. MASTERPLAN. In addition to the built .

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These included a Morrisons supermarket and petrol station, a medical practice, a dentist, a veterinary practice, allotmentsa pubThe Monkfield Armsowned by Pathfinder Pubs and a hotel, The Cambridge Belfryrun by QHotels. As detailed planning applications reserved matters were submitted, densities were increased in line with the subsequently issued changes to national Planning Policy Guidance 3 This is where the work of Bishop’s practice, BDOR Ltd, and the experiments carried out under the sponsorship of the Countryside Commission may be relevant.

Stage 2 could see a row of smaller shops and a larger convenience store cammbourne on land opposite The Monkfield Arms.

This was followed by the opening of Cambourne Community Primary School next to the secondary school in However, local knowledge, opinion and advice needs to be sought as a central component in kasterplan planning brief. The Greater Cambridge housing strategy.

The New Village

Various sports clubs are located in the villages, including football, rugby, tennis, netball and cricket clubs with their own pitches. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Cambourne became a separate parish in Unfortunately this means that most people drive to work causing huge congestion within the city of Cambridge.


John Brouwer examines the approach Farrell has taken for a completely new scheme on a greenfield site in the light of the pointers that Bishop raised. According to Jonathan Glancey, [ 6 ] Farrell has rejected the Leon Krier approach being executed at Poundbury because it is ‘too European’ with its encircling perimeter road and ‘quarters’: It is the largest settlement in South Cambridgeshire, with a population of just over 8, in the UK census. Retrieved 25 July The concern here is less with purely architectural issues and more with the macro scale of the design, the relationships between buildings and public space, and the architectural expression is the clearest guide to the whole mazterplan philosophy.

Because every site is unique in its combination of natural influences, every village developed its own unique response, tempered by trial and error and by evolution of type and morphology.

Some facilities were built in Cambourne as part of the initial development. Thus, the building or settlement helps us to form an interpretation of place, rather than merely being a place itself. It was planned to be ready by December but, due to various delays, it partially opened in July Randall Thorp balance these requirements with landscape, urban design and other aesthetic concerns.

Inthe local Police force Cambridgeshire Constabulary announced the building of a new police station in the village, complementing the two other rural stations in Histon and Sawstonand two outposts at Melbourn and Lintonin South Cambridgeshire. Cambourne West In March our Local Plan was submitted and is presently subject to independent examination.


Retrieved 12 April At the time of the census there were 8, residents, making it the acmbourne settlement in South Cambridgeshire. Cambourne Police Station [9] fully opened in September Cambourne Cricket Club was formed in by Jason Clatworthy and Paul Cooke, but did not begin playing competitive cricket until due to delays to the delivery and maturity of playing facilities.

Cambourne – South Cambs District Council

On 3 Octoberplanning permission was granted for a further homes. Planning permission for the development at Monkfield Park was given in Novemberand construction began in June[4] on what was previously farmland. Archived from the original on 31 March In Cambourne Secondary School opened to the west of the Lower Cambourne perimeter treebelt on land within the parish of Caxton.

Whereas this seems to be a logical concept, if utilised everywhere it will deny surprise and masterpplan reduce the clarity and connectivity referred to above. Randall Thorp are responsible for providing and updating: Imaginative and original design can extend and renew the distinctive character and traditions of Cottenham’s built environment.

As before, inCambourne fambourne given the go-ahead by Council planners, but the development wasn’t viable for developers due masterplab the high costs of widening the road and dealing with the relocation of a complex network of electricity cables, sewers and key broadband links.

It will also contain: