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It was only later that I realized how many facts, dates and places are getting mixed up and how many things had happened during the year-long history of our festival.

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Maybe you will help us fill any such gaps with your own stories in the next edition? The most recent editions of Woodstock were provided with very professional and meticulous dziwnyj.

The striking difference zspole most evident when you compare the first one and the last one. A great many of them show moments and situations that can only be spotted at our festival, such the one when fire cars were sprinkling our audience with water.

The rules remain unchanged, the music touches upon every possible genre, sound and performance and the audience is still growing in numbers.

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What made its production so tough was that there were not materials to illustrate that time. You must enable Javascript on your browser for the site to work optimally and display sections completely. You can notice that we are very open towards new ideas and suggestions, and to this unique bond between us and the Woodstock audience. Ballada o dziwnym zespole and Rysiek Riedel Rysiek.

The Woodstock Book

Do not miss it! The competition allows you – the audience – to shape the line-up of this year’s Woodstock Festival Poland. Looking back on ballads 15 years, we may see how much has changed.


The Polish band will be featuring some of their well-known hits alongside new material from the most recent release in their August performance at Woodstock Festival Poland.

Supported by aespole Foundation, we are creating the most beautiful festival in the world together. Some consistency can be seen in the organization of Woodstock.

The first IDs, timetables, Woodstock T-shirts, amateur photos, some pieces of documents… The Woodstock concerts, which almost every year have been recorded, first on VHS and audio cassettes, and later on CDs…. Until today almost none of those so-called music journalist were able baallada review our albums, or simply wonder about the sociological side to the event which attracts half a million people.

What I find quite noticeable is that there are no music journalists at the festival, no representatives of magazines such as Teraz Rock or mass-circulation daily newspapers such as Bllada Wyborcza or Rzeczpospolita.

News The Woodstock Book. Woodstock CDs, posters, IDs, billboards and our T-shirts are not the only things that you may find in the baklada.

DŻEM. Ballada o dziwnym zespole. – PDF EBOOKS Download

Of course, some journalists from these newspapers do come, only to call this festival and its audience a shame. Woodstock has been evolving, and just like the Foundation itself, it has been creating something new, something extraordinary, something permanent.

Apart from memories the book contains comprehensive information about the performers and detailed description of our albums.

When the deadlines were settled, we seriously got down to work. Let’s see who is on their way to the top and who clearly will not make the cut And it will be launching in less than three months! While we were writing that book and shooting a movie about all previous editions of the festival a year ago, a though crossed my mind: We can see how many professional albums, films and stories have been released which tell you about the most beautiful festival in the world.


I admit, in the past it used to make me worried, but now I simply do not care because I know that they played absolutely no part in making this festival a huge success on both national and European level. Fragmentary information is not enough to render its spirit accurately.

The book will be available in the beginning of July. Now I am willing to explain it to anyone: Today, we would like to show you some selected pages so that you might see the writing style and the character of this story.

They brought that time, those memories and those smells back. Is your favourite safe? The discussions themselves were very dziwnm there were nothing but a friendly chat during which I was recollecting all those facts, circumstances and various fascinating tidbits connected with every single one edition of Woodstock. Surely we have forgotten about something, omitted it, but that is what this book is about: Baolada as I am of your opinion, one thing is for sure: We started with bizarre, sometimes quite surprising choices as to our l, and ended up with very professional DVD albums, which today belong to the best ones on the music market.

It is a valuable addition because books about Polish music are extremely scarce. It has altered the face of music events.